Over the last few months, I have had the feeling growing stronger in my heart that I want to offer something special to those couples who walk a different path in life. I am so passionate about offbeat weddings, weddings that are carefully and thoughtfully crafted by two souls promising forever in the most unique ways, but what about those couples who are walking a different path altogether? 


For those who decide marriage isn't the right path, or it isn't necessary to validate the life they are already leading together. For those who want to travel the world first or start their family before they walk down the aisle. For those who don't believe in the aisle. For those facing obstacles. For those who don't believe in forever, but are fully committed to celebrating the love that exists right now.  

I introduce to you H O M E Sessions. A session all about celebrating the space that you are creating together in the world at this very moment. A session that captures your little corner of the globe, as it reflects you and the personal choices you make together. A Session that helps you focus on the RIGHT NOW.


If you love dancing in the kitchen while you cook breakfast together on Sunday morning, or cuddling on the couch watching your favourite shows on rainy days, or drinking coffee out of your favourite mugs, or whatever makes your space yours, I can't wait to capture those moments. If you have a stellar record collection or decor that you're proud of building together, I want to see that. 


These sessions are an incredibly intimate way to showcase the most raw, natural love in a space that is so unique to you, and I am so excited to open these up for booking. 

I have 4 H O M E Sessions available in Corner Brook or Gros Morne and 5 in St. John's available before Christmas.

Corner Brook [ November 6 // 13 // 20 // 27 ] & St. John's [ Oct 28 // Oct 31 // Nov 1 // Dec 17 // Dec 18 ]

I also have Gift Certificates for H O M E Sessions available until Christmas. 

Get in touch at info@heathernolanphotography.com or via the Inquire tab to ask any questions or to inquire about these or other dates for a session of your very own!