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Miles and Miles and Miles and Miles | A Mid-Season Update

I can't lie - July was madness. Miles and miles and miles and miles. More than half of my wedding season already past, and the fall creeping up before me. I want to take a little moment before I climb back into my car and scoot across this huge province one last time this summer to reflect and find gratitude for all that has passed since the light came back to the North.


Gratitude. I am so full of gratitude for every wild moment that this wedding season has brought. Every adventurous couple, every calm intimate forest moment, every second of the rush that fills me when the light is good and the company is better.


One year ago this week I shot my first ever elopement, and was immediately obsessed. Obsessed with the authenticity, the honesty, the rawness of such an intimate ceremony. After a summer filled with the most wild Adventurous Elopements, hiking and exploring with some of the most rad couples I have ever met, I have nothing but awe and gratitude for this path.

The return of Self Love Sessions this spring and summer is something that my heart has been begging of me for years now, though fear and doubt kept me quiet. I am so wholeheartedly blissed to have brought these sessions back to the forefront of my business and to give them the devotion and intention that they deserve. Nothing makes my spirit soar more than giving free spirited women the space to let their souls show, and for this purpose I am deeply grateful.


I’ve been trying to ward off the stress of being so busy by making everything I do an act of intention, particularly in regards to food. Buying only whole food. Cooking each meal with intention. Never letting myself get too stressed about my to do list to skip meals (a bad habit of mine). Trying to curb the candy addiction. QUITTING SMOKING (!!!!) (Finally. Finally. Finally. Thank you lungs for putting up with me this long.) Trying to learn to listen to my body and trust the intuition that is inherent within. Freeing my soul a little more by exploring my spirituality. More forest. More river. More bare feet.

Last night the full moon was hidden by the fog of St. John’s, but this morning at 5 am I hiked out to a gorgeous spot on the East Coast Trail with the rad photographer Anika Bursey to watch the sunrise and dance on the cliffs by the light of the full moon that hung as bright as ever, whales splashing all around us. This last trip in to St. John’s has me really realizing more than ever that the city has left my soul, and I am so filled now with the wilderness. Give me forest floors instead of pavement, give me moss for carpet. 


There are still many miles to go in this hectic wedding season, and I am tired and I am scattered and I need to do laundry and I need to call my sisters, but I am learning and growing at a wild pace and in the end I am just grateful and humbled for this wild little life.

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. I hope you are soaking in as much blissful sunshine as you can. I hope wherever you are in life right now, you take the time to go outside as often as possible and just let your soul rejoice in nature. I hope you get the chance to take some whole days to just get lost out there. I hope you see some rad sunsets, or turn it around and get up at 4 am for some even crazier sunrises. I hope you're well.

Stay wild.




2016 // On Business, Fear and Personhood

     Near the end of 2015, I had a conversation with a fellow photographer who asked why I had all but given up and put my camera away. I remember telling him that I didn't feel the spark anymore: that my photography business no longer felt like the right path for me and that I would likely soon close up my business for good.

    At that time, I had just released an album with my band and was on tour in Gros Morne, supporting myself by working long and late nights in a restaurant in St. John's, and I was desperately unhappy. I had become a stranger to myself.

I realized almost immediately upon uttering the words that I WAS LYING.

    It's so plain to see now looking back how thoroughly I was governed by fear. It was fear that whispered to me over and over, "you're not cut out for this." Fear manifests itself in a hundred forms, and for me that time frame was so saturated by fear that it filled every space. Fear that I could never fit a "professional" mold, that my progress wasn't matching that of other photographers or entrepreneurs, that I wasn't original enough, that I didn't have the guts to follow through with my ideas, that I wasn't extroverted enough to make it in a business like this, and mostly fear of the vulnerability it takes to build a personal brand. Fear of getting to know myself well enough to find out what I truly wanted and who my target clients were. Fear that my rock and roll friends would think I was terribly lame for wanting to be a wedding photographer. (It feels so silly to write but this was a big one at the time).

 Once I started succumbing to fear in any one aspect of my life or business, it rushed in and sank me.  


     I am forever grateful for that conversation in Gros Morne, because it pulled me away from my fear for long enough to see myself whole from the outside, to take an honest look at who I was and who I wanted to grow into. 


     2016 rang in cold and bright and so full of the heart that had been missing from my intentions for so long. There were so many ways in which it was one of the hardest years of my life, but I am choosing to look back with gratitude at the ways in which 2016 helped me out of the dark. 

     Making the decision to open bookings again, and to rebuild my business out of love rather than fear was one of the best decisions of my life. I re-opened with a commitment to being unapologetically authentic to myself, building a brand that could match that, and committing to connecting with clients that share my beliefs and philosophies, and as a result I have spent the year with some of the most wonderfully adventurous, wild-hearted and genuine couples and clients and I could not be any more grateful. 




I found this quote in the beginning of 2016, in the early days of restructuring and designing my new brand, and hung it on my office wall. It has become the mantra that keeps the fear at bay. 

I have never felt so alive. I have never felt so free. And I am so grateful. Here's to 2017, glowing wild and bright before us. Here's to another year rising above the fear that holds us back from what makes us truly happy. xoxo