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Amanda + Kris | Vintage St. John's Wedding | Montreal Elopement Photographer

Getting to know Amanda + Kris, and their sweet sweet families, was such a joy. Their beautiful, intimate wedding was on a chilly, windy day at the end of October in St. John's, and every moment of the day was so filled with honest love and their nearest and dearest people. It was one of those days that makes me hopelessly grateful for how I get to spend my days. xoxo



Top Elopement Destinations in Newfoundland

I am SO excited for the Adventurous Elopements coming up in 2017 that I wanted to put together some tips and suggestions for those dreaming and planning their own intimate or adventurous elopement ceremonies. I will be publishing different topics on Elopement Planning every few weeks, so leave me a comment or send me a note if there is a specific topic you would like me to cover!! 



Fogo Island is a magical escape any time of year. Barrens that stretch for miles, wild seas, and the best meteor showers you will ever see. The landscape makes for some stunning, moody photos. Plus it has to good luck to say your vows on one of the four corners of the earth, right?? 



The rocky cliffs in Flatrock are so unique and magnificent: the perfect place for your totally unique elopement nuptials. Plus there is an A+ waterfall! Flatrock is also conveniently located just a 15 minute drive north of St. John's for those not wanting to venture too far from the city.



Confession: I couldn't choose just one spot in Gros Morne. Who could choose between the lawn of the Woody Point Lighthouse with Gros Morne Mountain in the background, the Lookout Trail before the Tablelands, Lobster Cove Head, or the magificent beach in Norris Point where the water is always what I call Bonne Bay Blue? Not me. Gros Morne is the ideal destination for folks who love being in the wild.



There are so many awesome spots on the Bonavista Peninsula, but Port Rexton is one of my favourite places to shoot. The trails around the area are absolutely gorgeous, full of cliffs and wild seas and islands and sea stacks, and the Port Rexton brewery makes a deadly spot to stop in for a tasty pint or snack after!



The East Coast Trail stretches the Eastern coast of the Avalon Peninsula - and there is a section of the trail for literally every landscape type. Whether you're in for a sort walk to some crazy incredible coastal views and secluded forests, or totally down for a hike in to some of the more unique locations, the trail has some of the best views in Eastern Newfoundland. 



Just 45 minutes outside Corner Brook and around the corner from Gros Morne, Lark Harbour and the nearby Bottle Cove and Cedar Cove are some of my all-time favourite Newfoundland views and make an incredible elopement destination. Think the majestic mountains of Gros Morne without any of the crowds or tourists. These mountains are amazing and the sunsets on the ocean in Bottle Cove are life-affirming. Warning: the road down the Bay of Islands is treacherous. Because you won't be able to peel your eyes off the incredible scenery and on the road.

Heather Nolan Photography_2017-4.jpg


If you want to elope near St. John's, Bell Island is an incredible place nearby with some stunning, unique views. Don't forget to stop by the Lighthouse Cafe!

HNP2018-8 2.jpg


The most meaningful place to hold the ceremony for your elopement is somewhere that holds significance to your relationship. Somewhere you like to hike, the location of a meaningful date or anniversary, or the place you've both been dreaming of visiting for ages. Get creative! Have fun! This island is so full of beauty and uniqueness. 

More about my ADVENTUROUS ELOPEMENT packages can be found HERE!

If you have any other topics / questions that you'd like to hear about in regards to elopements or intimate weddings, I'd love to hear them! I will be posting planning tips every few weeks throughout the winter, so feel free to get in touch with any questions you have! 


My Top 5 Tips for Rocking Your Engagement Session

Engagement Session Season is well underway, and I wanted to put together some tips for my 2017 & 2018 couples to help prepare them for their upcoming sessions. For a lot of couples, their Engagement Session is the first time they are professionally photographed together, and so many folks come in with a lot of nerves.

Here are my top 5 tips to make your Engagement Session a TON of fun, and not an event to stress over (and, subsequently, how to ensure that you will LOVE your photos!):



Your lives are super hectic, and I get that. But you've committed to being here with me in this meadow for an hour, so why not commit to a little extra prep time? Make a date of it. Spend the afternoon listening to records together or dreaming up plans for future travels or have a coffee date together and go for a stroll somewhere lovely. Do something that makes you feel close. By the time we meet up, you'll be fresh and full of love for having spent the time together, and your photos will show that closeness right from the beginning of the session.



I have a tendency to keep repeating "I'm not here! Pretend I'm not here!" during photo sessions, because I want you to be as real as you can be. In the end, these photos are not for me. They are for you two to have and to cherish and to visually remind you of what love that real feels like. This only works if you remember that I am not there, and that you two need to be totally present with each other. Be vulnerable. Be open. Be Honest. Be alone together.



Just do you. If you're the kind of people who are always joking and laughing or throwing sarcasm around, awesome! If you are quiet and cuddly, that's wonderful. If there is a specific way you like to sneak up behind him and lay your chin on his shoulder, I want to see that. This is the part where we forget the images of what we think an engagement session on pinterest is supposed to look like, and craft a session full of what it looks like to be the two of you. The result will be memories, rather than poses. 



One thing that so many couples get wrapped up in is trying to match outfits and build the perfect look, but just as trying to recreate someone else's session won't create memories, trying to recreate an outfit from pinterest will leaving you feeling off your game and not like yourself. Wear what you wear. Wear what feels comfortable and natural and confident. Don't not dress up, if that's what you like to do, but don't feel like you have to.

HNP2018-18 3.jpg


There's no rule that says you need to have a photo session at Quidi Vidi. Or Signal Hill. These are great locations that can be fun, but it can be so much more meaningful to choose a spot that means something to you, or to choose an adventure some place you won’t be able to get to on the wedding day. Have a sweet at-home session in your kitchen, because you love cooking together or because you are homebodies who are proud of the space you've built together. Or on the East Coast Trail because you both love hiking there, or in your favourite coffee shop. Have a fire on the beach because the ocean soothes you, or let's drive to Brigus because it reminds you of that time you went to the Blueberry festival together when you were dating. This is such an awesome opportunity to have an adventure. Don't just make it something to cross off the wedding to-do list!



Introducing Advenurous Elopements | Newfoundland Wedding and Elopement Photographers

As my fourth year photographing weddings slows down, I have started really reflecting on my business, the wonderful folks I have met along the way, and what comes next. And what I BELIEVE. I have had the opportunity to photograph weddings of all shapes and sizes, in mountain chapels and forest groves and shiny modern halls, and what I have realized is that what truly makes my heart well is to connect with couples that I really vibe with. To photograph the intimate moments and small, quirky, adventurous completely honest and unique ceremonies that are the result of a choice to leave tradition behind and make your journey all about the life you lead together, and what is most meaningful to you. 

And with that I announce that for 2017 + beyond, I will now only be booking Adventurous Elopements and Intimate Weddings!


I am so excited to take this next step towards celebrating adventurous couples and honest love stories. I am so excited to connect with rad, wild-hearted couples, and I am SO EXCITED to witness the moments at the edge of the cliff, or on the forest path or the rocky shoreline where two people promise each other a beautiful adventure. 


I have realized that if I'm not excited about your plans, and I don't feel like I am jiving with them, then you are just as likely to not jive with me and my photography style. But I am here for the couples who I feel like I've known for years after our first meeting, who I have to remind myself to talk business with, because every time we meet we chat like old friends, who open themselves up to vulnerability and honesty in front of the camera because of the trust they place in me and in each other. I am here as a human and a friend and a photographer. And I thank those who trust me with my whole heart. 


Some FAQs:

Will you still book full sized weddings?
I will definitely be booking a lot less large or traditional weddings, but if you feel like we would jive together I would still love to hear from you! I will still book a few traditional weddings per year for those couples who seem like a good fit :)

Where are you based? Do you travel?
Do I ever!! My 2017 weddings will have me travelling all over remote corners of Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, and the farther I roam the happier I'll be :) I am based in Corner Brook, Newfoundland, in the heart of the mountains I love so much, but only about 15% of the weddings I shoot each year are in Corner Brook. Take me with you to Gros Morne, St. John's, Cape Breton, PEI, The Bay of Fundy, The Rocky Mountains, Dawson City, ICELAND (please someone elope in Iceland, I mean really) and anywhere in between. xo

Will you climb __ mountain / hike to __ waterfall / catch three ferries / hike for 6 hours to get to our wedding or elopement location?
Always. Forever. I live to wander and I will follow you wherever your wildest hearts will take you. 

Are you booking 2018?
I have JUST opened up my 2018 bookings, and I have a feeew remaining Summer 2017 dates, and lots of winter/spring/fall availability. 


How much do your Adventurous Elopements cost?
This totally depends on your plans. I try to ease your travel costs - so travel within Newfoundland is always covered. Contact me for a quote for travel beyond the island! Adventurous Elopements begin at $1500 and Intimate Weddings start at $2650. Let's hang out and chat and figure out what you package will look like! (and touch base to for up-to-date price information!)

Do we have to be getting married to book an Adventurous Elopement? What if we're already married?
More and more couples are choosing non-traditional routes and I LOVE that. And that totally includes those who don't see the need to choose marriage, and that includes those long since married and still celebrating. We can have a Couples' Adventure Session and roam through the wild. My goal is to create a space for you to connect (really connect) and let the honest love and appreciation flow. And to have an adventure. Always. Any occasion.

Do you shoot LGBT+ weddings or sessions?
UMMMMM HECK YES. love is love is love is love. And I live to celebrate love.

         ***If you have any more questions, feel free to leave them below and I will update the post!***

So if you dream of marrying your best friend on a cliff over a raging sea, or in the midst of misty mountains or in the quiet of a forest clearing, this is for you.

I am so excited to see what the future holds. If you are interested in chatting, let's cozy up with some coffee [or cozy up via Skype!] and hang out. Let's get to know each other. Let's chat about your plans and ideas and dreams.