Bonavista Adventure Tours - Beach Forage and Boil Up

On a gorgeous summer morning I met up with the lovely Bonnie of Bonavista Adventure Tours and she took me on a Beach Forage and Boil-Up tour. This is not your average tour company - they specialize in local practices and foodways. We explored the area around Birchy Cove, foraging some of the greens growing on the hillside, river and on the beach. Bonnie’s local knowledge of the area and its edible plants was super interesting and we chatted about modern rurality in Newfoundland while she got the fire going. Bonnie gathered mint leaves from the river and started us off with a cup of fresh mint tea, then cooked up an incredible brunch of toutons, fish cakes, homemade bread and bake apple jam, and an omelette with the greens we foraged.

Thanks so much Bonnie for the loveliest morning! Highly recommend checking out Bonavista Adventure Tours for real local experiences in the Bonavista area.

Mountain views to ourselves in Cedar Cove, Newfoundland.

The drive down the bay from Corner Brook through the Bay of Islands is incredible. The towns get more remote, the ocean views get more incredible, and once you hit the Blomidon Mountain Range its hard to keep your eyes on the road. The Cedar Cove trails are some of my favourites, part of the International Appalachian Trail Network.

We sat for an hour overlooking the mountains and the bay, and didn't cross paths with another person, while birds flitted around us. Amy, who has been living in Calgary for four years, said, "Being in nature in Newfoundland is such an intimate experience." That stuck with me.

Winter Cabin Weekend

A weekend spent in Sweet Bay, Newfoundland on the Bonavista Peninsula at the cabin, wandering along the coastline and through the forest, making lots of tea and hanging out by the woodstove.

I also filmed my first vlog this weekend! Check it out:

Sunrise portrait session in Halifax

This was the best day. I was passing through Halifax and reached out to Sydney MacLennan, who is an awesome photographer and wonderful human and I had been following for ages on instagram, to see if she wanted to meet up and go shooting. Sydney picked me up at some outrageous hour and we headed south along the coast to this magical little rocky area around sunrise. So in love with the tones in this place!! 

Check out Sydney's work: insta / website