Self Love Sessions are a celebration of the self. They are a safe space where you are encouraged to close your eyes and open your heart; to take a deep breath and thank your body for everything it does for you every day.

The session involves calming atmospheres and meditative exercises to create a safe and comfortable environment, followed by the photoshoot that will capture your self as the radiant and unique soul that you are. These photos will forever be a reminder of a time when you felt free and well, any time you need to access that feeling again.

I want to create an environment where you can let your lungs fill with calming breath and let your heart fill with the inexplicable joy of personhood. To help you acknowledge that you are a beauti- ful light, exactly as you are. 

Check out these FULL sessions with Taylor and Maddie.



Q: Where are you located? How will I know if there is a Self Love Session Pop Up in my area?
A: I am located in Newfoundland, and Pop Ups happen most regularly in St. John's and now Corner Brook, but I will also be hosting Pop Ups as I travel. Keep an eye out for announcements on my Instagram @heathernolanphotography, and by checking for updates on the hashtag #hnpselflovesession. You can also pop me a quick note at the Inquire tab and check in on my upcoming Pop Up schedule!

Q: What's Included?
A: The session involves 60 minutes of shooting time and will return 20 images. We will work together to choose a location that best represents your heart, and you can bring as many outfit changes as you like. Sessions are $250 plus tax. 

Q: What should I wear?
A: The only answer I have for this question is: whatever makes you feel most comfortable. Everybody’s wild heart looks different. Wear something that makes you feel good, makes you feel beautiful, makes you feel very much you. Bring lots of choices if you like! It can be tricky to change during outdoor sessions, so pick a versatile base layer if we’re planning on shooting outdoors!

I will also have a selection of free-spirited clothing options for you to choose from. Feel free to shoot me an email to chat more about this! Also, Pinterest.