I am a wedding photographer because I love to create the space in which people feel connected to their souls, each other's, and the earth beneath their feet. 

My goal as a photographer is to nurture those connections, those honest interactions, and to show you how beautiful you are when you let your authentic souls be seen. 

I love intimate weddings and elopements because I believe in the promises that you are making to each other, and that those promises should be made in a way that is unique to you and your relationship. I believe in the bravery in creating your own path in life, and choosing the elements of your wedding day that are important to you as people and as partners. Remaining true to yourselves throughout that process. 

I believe in adventure. I believe in authenticity. I believe in being honest and vulnerable, and I am here as a human and a friend and a photographer to document that.

Some FAQs:

Will you still book full sized weddings?
I will definitely be booking a lot less large or traditional weddings, but if you feel like we would jive together I would still love to hear from you! I will still book a few traditional weddings per year for those couples who seem like a good fit :)

Where are you based? Do you travel?
Do I ever!! My 2017 weddings will have me travelling all over the East Coast of Canada, and the farther I roam the happier I'll be :) I am based in Montreal, QC, and I love to travel. Take me with you to Mont Tremblant, Toronto, Newfoundland, The Rocky Mountains, Dawson City, Hawaii, ICELAND (please someone elope in Iceland, I mean really) and anywhere in between. 

Will you climb __ mountain / hike to __ waterfall / catch three ferries / hike for 6 hours to get to our wedding or elopement location?
Always. Forever. I live to wander and I will follow you wherever your wildest hearts will take you. 

Are you booking 2018?
I have JUST opened up my 2018 bookings in Montreal, and I have a feeew remaining Fall 2017 dates, and lots of winter/spring availability. 

How much do your Adventurous Elopements cost?
This totally depends on your plans. Adventurous Elopements begin at $1700 and Intimate Weddings start at $2650. Let's hang out and chat and figure out what you package will look like! Contact for travel quotes.

Do we have to be getting married to book an Adventurous Elopement? What if we're already married?
More and more couples are choosing non-traditional routes and I LOVE that. And that totally includes those who don't see the need to choose marriage, and that includes those long since married and still celebrating. We can have a Couples' Adventure Session and roam through the wild, or get cozy with a H O M E Session. My goal is to create a space for you to connect (really connect) and let the honest love and appreciation flow. And to have an adventure. Always. Any occasion.

Do you shoot LGBT+ weddings or sessions?
UMMMMM HECK YES. love is love is love is love. And I live to celebrate love.